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Transparent reporting
for valuable insights.

Bucksense reporting provides you with
personalized, real time data to make better
and faster decisions by pin-pointing specific
performance results.

Customize your results to focus on the data that is relevant to you.

Optimization Algorithm

An Optimization Reporting

dedicated to ensuring you meet
your campaign performance goals.

The Bucksense Algorithm is designed to automatically evaluate and analyze the performance of multiple campaign variables.

The Bucksense optimization report can be accessed directly from the console. It shows you how the Bucksense algorithm is progressing by assigning a performance status to each of the combinations that are being tested.

Your campaigns can be assigned any of the following statuses:

Scheduled Reports

Reporting that fits your schedule.

Automatically receive the data that matters to you,
at the time that is most convenient to you.

Performance reports for Offer Performance and/or Acquisition Campaigns can be set up directly from the console and automatically emailed on an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Reports can be customized with the filters, dimensions and metrics that matter to your campaign.

Traffic Planning

See your
traffic and placement potential

before you even set up your campaign.

The Bucksense traffic planner allows you to explore different targeting variables to get an overview of potential impressions and placements worldwide.

Refine potential inventory by breaking it down by the metrics that matter to you:

Geographic Location
Countries with the largest volume of impressions are highlighted in dark blue. Any combination of countries can be selected.


  • Mobile Carrier
  • Banner Size
  • Device Make
  • Device Type
  • Device OS
  • Supply Type (mobile/desktop)
  • Exchange (traffic supply source)

By clicking on the chart variables, you can see both the potential impressions and the specific placements. Placement lists can be created from the planner and easily exported directly to your campaigns.