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Video Native Display Pop Unders

Video Ads

Make more than an impression
with Bucksense Video Ads

Video ads can increase purchase intent by 97%
and brand association by 139%

Serve the top performing Video Formats directly from the Bucksense Console.
Engage your audience by running both Out-Stream (In-Banner) and In-Stream (Pre, mid & post roll) video ads directly from the Bucksense console.

In-banner video ads are a form of out-stream. They are banners with videos embedded in them and are available on a wide range of placements.

In-stream video ads are within the video player itself and are injected into the stream that is being sent to the user’s video player. They can run before (pre-roll), during (mid-roll) or after (post-roll) a video.

Rewarded video ads are unskippable, short video ads which give users rewards ( in-app currency, premium content, gifts, game coins, etc) upon video completion. They are very effective at giving advertisers higher visibility levels, without being intrusive or damaging the user experience.

Incentivize your users to watch a video ad with Rewarded Video Campaigns

Viewability Bidding Optimization:
Video Reports track all events to capture data on total played, segment length, skipped etc.
The Bucksense algorithm can optimize your bidding to specific ad segments (¼,½, ¾ and complete). For example, you can optimize to bid only on placements where users watch at least ½ of your video ad.

Ad Tags can be used to optimize buying by segment (start, ¼, ½, ¾, end).
Create your ads in the Video Creatives section by selecting one of the following:

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Native Ads

Enhance User Experience with
Bucksense Native Ads

Native Ads blend in with the look and feel of its
media placement and so are
less disruptive and more appealing to users.

With connection to 70+ exchanges, Bucksense has one of the largest RTB native ad inventories on the market for both mobile and desktop placements.

The right native ad for you is the one which best suits your brands messaging and will catches your users interest in a natural way. Explore our native ad formats:

Content Stream Ads
Chat List Ads
Content Wall Ads
News Feed Ads
App Wall Ads

Display Ads

Display Advertising
that elevates your brand

Bucksense has the most advanced Banner,
Carousel and Interstitial formats to creatively
display your advertising message.

Choosing the right creatives for your campaign depends on your product/service, target audience and performance goals. Bucksense has an extensive inventory across both mobile and desktop:

Attract users across mobile, desktop and connected TV with Bucksense large inventory of banner ads.

Carousel ads allow users to scroll through multiple images for a visually engaging narrative.

Interstitials take up the entire smartphone screen and allow more creative content that generates better click and engagement rates.

Oh, and let's not forget the best part....

...Bucksenses A/B tester allows you to simultaneously test multiple creatives while refining your target audience to optimize your advertising impact.

Pop Unders

Keep your users informed with
Pop Under Ads

Effective for web, mobile web, mobile app and
web responsive offers.

Pop unders are unique in that they launch a new browser window under the one currently being viewed. By doing so, the users web experience remains uninterrupted.

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