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Video Viewability KPI Goals Self-optimizing Strategies Bidding Controls Brand Safety

Video Viewability

Engage users with
enticing video ad campaigns
and optimize based on
VIEWED segment.

Run both In-Stream (Pre, mid & post roll) video and Out-Stream (In-banner) ads directly from the Bucksense console.

In-stream video ads are within the video player itself and are injected into the stream that is being sent to the user’s video player. They run before (pre-roll), during (mid-roll) or after (post-roll) a video.

Out-Stream (In-banner) video ads are a form of out-stream. They are banners with videos embedded in them and are available on a wide range of placements.

Video Optimization is based on video ad segments (¼,½, ¾ and complete). For example, you can optimize your campaign so that you bid only on placements where users watch at least ½ of your video ad.

Video Reports track all events to capture data on total played, segment length, skipped etc.

Use your Ad Tags or our server (MP4, AVI, FLV, MKV, MPEG) & optimize buying by segment (start, ¼, ½, ¾, end). Create your ads in the Video Creatives section by selecting one of the following:

  • VAST Tag URL - allows you to enter an URL that points to your VAST xml.
  • VAST XML - upload the code containing your video.

Or, if you don't have an ad server, you can upload the video to us and we will serve it for you.

KPI Goals

A proprietary algorithm
that optimizes your campaigns
based on your own KPIs

Built on math and marketing expertise, the Bucksense algorithm offers 4 optimization modes around 11 variables to refine bids towards a specific KPI (CPI, CPA, CPC, custom).

Automatically optimizes towards your business goals:

  • Applied to 1.8+ billion users on 16 + major ad exchanges.
  • Analyzes placement data every hour and updates bidding strategy
  • Automatically optimizes to reallocate campaign towards those placements that are performing and to excludes those that are not.
  • Bidding Overwrites allows you to safely test different bidding strategies and traffic volumes.

Self - Optimization Strategies

We provide the tools
that protect your budget
so you don’t have to worry
about any ifs, buts or bots!

Optimize campaigns by choosing the strategy that identifies the best performing placements at the most cost effective price.

Choose from 4 different optimization strategies to optimize your campaigns:

Bidding Controls

Manually set your own
Bidding Rules to control
your Campaign Goals

Set max bid CPMs and aggressiveness increment strategies to manage your budget and achieve your KPIs more effectively.

Brand Safety

Protect your brand image
by leveraging our
page-level intelligence

Bucksense's Multi-Level Proprietary Anti-Fraud Solution

Protect your brand and your budget across all your display, native and video campaigns.

No ifs, no buts, no bots

Ad fraud bots are used to generate fake impressions, fake clicks and in some cases, fake conversions.

Bucksense protects your campaigns from bot traffic by running extensive analysis to find and eliminate all forms of bot fraud, from simple bots to sophisticated bots to botnets.

No spoofing

Domain spoofing, false apps, site bundling, ad injection, arbitrage - all of these methods are used by ad fraudsters to drive up your CPM. The traffic may be real, but the it is not what it claims to be.

Bucksense rigorously works to protect your brand by ensuring your traffic and ad placements are exactly what they are supposed to be.

No invisible ads

Ad fraudsters stack ads and use invisible iframes to purposely hide your ad so that it will never be seen.

Bucksense’s in-house viewability solution analyses what % of your ad surface is seen by users and also for how long it is viewed. Ads with low or zero view ability are immediately flagged and reviewed for fraud.

No false interactions

‘Click Farms’ employ real humans to click, fill out forms and even convert on your site or app. Because these false interactions are done by real humans, this form of ad fraud can be one of the most difficult to detect.

Through extensive campaign performance analysis, Bucksenses ad fraud solution can discover and eliminate these farms before they consume your budget!

And there you have it!

4 Layers of security to ensure your campaign success!