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Open RTB

Real time bidding (RTB)
on the programmatic platform
built by marketers.

What is Open RTB?

Real Time Bidding (RTB) is the programmatic buying and selling of advertising placements that involves AUCTION pricing mechanisms in real time.

How does RTB help Performance Marketers?

RTB in action!

Open RTB with Bucksense

One of the largest impression inventories in the market
Connected to 70+ Ad Exchanges worldwide

Multiple ad formats to fit your campaign goals
Video - In stream, out stream and rewarded
Native - IAB formats and native video
Display - All IAB formats

Choose the channel that suits your brand and messaging
Mobile, Desktop, & Connected TV impressions

Private Marketplaces

Access premium publishers
to reach your target audience
with Bucksense Private
marketplace (PMP) Deals

Private Market Places (PMP) allow you to combine strengths of programmatic and direct buys: access to premium inventory that match your targeting criteria and that may not be available in the Open Auction, and, programmatic execution on bidding, to set the impression price within the pre-negotiated CPMs.

They are invitation-only, advertiser-to-publisher RTB auctions that host the purchase of exclusive and transparent inventory.

Jump to the front of the line!

Most private deals include First-look right to ensure transparency. With First-look, advertisers can access specific inventory before it becomes available on the open auction and, if negotiated, turn down impressions that do not suit their campaign objectives.

Bucksense can help you to find the best private seals partners and to negotiate the terms of a customized deal that works for both sides.
Conditions of these transactions are stored in our Supported Partners Systems that provide the Deal ID.

To request a Private MarketPlace from your account manager, you need to provide the following information:

  • Placement Name/ID: You can get this information from your acquisition campaign report
  • Country: the country in which you want run your PMP campaign
  • Exchange Name: the exchange that handles the placement you are looking for
  • Connection Type: your connection targeting (3g/wifi)
  • CPM: the CPM you are willing to pay for the PMP Deal
  • Banner Size: the banner size you want use in your campaign
  • Budget: the budget for your PMP deal

With this information, your account manager will be able to negotiate a deal with the exchange(s).

Bucksense is plugged into all the main ad exchanges for Private Deals

...and many more