Multi-path Ad Units
In Ad Interest Options
In Ad Topic Refinement
In Ad Lead Generation

Responsive Ad Formats powered by Programmatic

An interactive experience that stays within your ad.

One ad unit with multiple user paths, that are fully customizable to your business needs.

Timing is everything

Especially when it comes to building relationships with your customers.

Bucksense responsive ads don't make assumptions - they let the user decide when they want to see your ads.

In ad paths that put your customers in the driving seat

Don’t guess what your customers want - Let them choose!

Enhance your brand by letting users explore different topics, all within the ad unit.

A new generation of leads

Finally, an ad format that focuses on generating leads while reducing drop offs.

Users can take action without ever leaving the responsive ad unit, cutting out the need for flow breaking redirects.

One Ad - Unlimited Possibilities
Explore some of the ways our ads can be adapted.
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Offer users personalized experience
Inform customers of new products
Schedule meetings with customers

Fully customizable to suit your specific business goals

Responsive Ad Formats combined with Programmatic Targeting all on the one platform

With the Bucksense Creative Suite, customized, personalized ad campaigns are as easy as 1,2,3.

Multiple user paths that lead to new audience segments

The click is just the beginning. Streamline your smart budget spend by discovering new audience segments, based on user interests and feedback.

Analytical insights that pave the way for personalization

The combination of user interactions within the ads, along with our programmatic optimization algorithm, allows for audience insights like never before.

Discover detailed paths to conversion and unveil what user characteristics are common to which user interactions.

What’s in for you?

Fully Customizable Ads
Tailor the creative panels to suit your specific business needs.

Better User Experience
Users can opt-out of annoying ads that are no longer relevant to them.

Better Budget Management
Allowing users to choose what ads they see means less money spent on unsuitable audiences.

Better Audience Insights
The unique interactions of users on the widget ads provides intricate and precise data that builds more informative and accurate audience insights.