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Open API White labeling

Open API

The Bucksense Open API:
integrate our powerful capabilities
within your own environment.

An API (Application Programming Interface) is an open interface that libraries, software or platforms can use to interact with a program and expand its functionality.

The whole Bucksense platform was built as an open API. This allows you to integrate all or any of its features (eg. extracting report, setting campaigns, micro bidding rules etc). to complement your existing ones.

Marketers and agencies use our API solution to extend your own system’s functions and meet customers’ needs in order to reduce time and costs.

Some examples modules you can easily integrate include:

  • Bucksense Bidder
  • Bucksense Automatic Optimization
  • Bucksense Attribution
  • Bucksense Targeting
  • Bucksense Hypertargeting

This Open API architecture also allows us to offer the platform as a white label offering.

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White labeling

Add your brand
to the Bucksense Platform
with one of our customizable
white labeling options

The Bucksense white labeling solution enables companies to leverage our advanced programmatic technology while maintaining their brand identity. Companies can brand the Bucksense console with their own:

  • Logo
  • Dedicated URL
  • Login page
  • Menu page
  • Logoed emails

A white label version of the Bucksense platform has full access to its innovative console, including:

Personal Accounts

Campaign Creation

Full Reporting Features

Personal Accounts

Campaign Creation

Full Reporting Features


Bucksense's basic and premium white labelling packages offer different levels of integration for both the white labeling company and advertisers.

Customize your package with the combination of features that best suit your business goals: