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Optimize your Campaigns
across Mobile and Desktop

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Integrating proven marketing expertise into its algorithm, the Bucksense platform has all the features that improve ROI.

Video Ad Viewability

In banner AND In-Stream (Pre, mid & post roll). Use your Ad Tags or our server (MP4, AVI, FLV, MKV, MPEG) & optimize buying by segment (start, ¼, ½, ¾, end).

Native Ads

Native ads are integrated in a non-intrusive manner and so are more appealing to users. Access the largest native ad inventory in the market.

Media Planner

The Interactive Media Planner gives an overview of impressions and placements worldwide.


Create App mobile audiences based on users behavior inside the App.

Contextual Targeting

Leverage 3rd party data so your ads are displayed on the sites that are relevant and timely to the user.

Managing Lists

Bucksense’s custom targeting allows you to create and manage Lists so you can target audiences that you know are likely to convert.

Ad Tags

Using Ad Tags, advertisers can use their own ad server. This can allow them to dynamically select creatives based on targeting criteria before the click.

Micro Bidding

Run manually optimized campaigns and fine tune your bids on FIVE different variables and combinations thereof.


Create Lists of attributes to include (whitelist) or exclude (blacklist) on your campaigns in order to hyper target audiences who are the most likely to convert.


Bucksenses’ proprietary algorithm is built on math and proven marketing expertise. It automatically optimizes and refines bids towards a campaign’s specific KPI’s (CPI, CPA, CPC, custom).

Advanced Optimization

Optimize campaigns by choosing the strategy that identifies the best performing placements at the most cost effective price.


Bucksense reporting provides you with personalized, real time data to make better and faster decisions.

Optimization Reporting

The Bucksense Optimization Algorithm is designed to evaluate and analyze the performance of multiple variables in order to reach the campaign performance goals.

Scheduled Reports

Performance reports can be automatically emailed on an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Targeting Exchanges

Target specific ad exchanges to ensure the optimal supply traffic for your campaigns.

Bidding Controls

Set max bid CPMs and aggressiveness increment strategies to more effectively manage your budget and achieve your KPI.

Audit Statuses

Bucksense reviews all creatives to both protect your brand and make sure they meet the requirements of our supply partners.

Built for Marketers & Agencies

Work more efficiently with a platform that is designed by marketers. Experience a structured and organized workflow that is customizable to fit your needs.

Brand Safety

Protect your brand image by leveraging our page-level intelligence
so that your ads are only shown on appropriate sites.

Open API

The Bucksense Open API solution enables any function of our platform to work with your existing systems.

Automatic Top-Ups

Automatic top-ups prevent temporary pauses in campaigns due to lack of funds.

White Labeling

Add your logo to the Bucksense platform with one of our customizable white labeling packages.