Services for Brands

We help brands of all sizes to embrace direct digital marketing by providing support and technology to achieve the goal of performance and control over strategy, data and results.

Bucksense provides the following services


Creative strategy
& ongoing design

All our ads, including social and search, are built from scratch to work in harmony with your campaign’s custom segments and to uniquely suit the promoting channel’s skill set, campaign setup and optimization. Creation of custom ads includes graphics and most importantly text, as search channels rely solely on copy.

Additionally, design and content are updated periodically to prevent ad fatigue and to maintain top performance for all forms of display, social and video. Our exclusive creative panels focus on generating leads while reducing drop offs. Users can take action without ever leaving the responsive ad unit, cutting out the need for flow breaking redirects. Enhance your brand appeal by letting users explore your story, all within the ad unit.

Media strategy

As much as having a beautiful ad is important, where you display it has been proven to be an important indicator of success. Bucksense helps you find the right channel for your brand, from social media (Twitter, Facebook or Quora) to search engines (Google) and most importantly Display and Video.

Single channel campaigns are risky and may end up slowing down the growth of your business. That’s when our team of experts jumps in to help you find the right channels for your campaign, expanding it to as many platforms as you may need to keep the campaign profitable. More channels means more chances for displaying your product.

The best part? Our media strategy is compatible with any budget size across all media (search, display, social, programmatic), so no advertiser is too small or too far!

Campaign management

Set up campaigns in a breeze, so you can spend more time doing what matters the most to you: managing and checking how they do!

Our state of the art console allows you to go from set-up to optimization for all channels with one straight-forward tool. Keep everything under control and check the performance in real time.

Don’t want to venture into this tedious task? No problem! We have an intimate understanding of how time consuming and challenging setting up a campaign can be. That being said, we are uniquely positioned to take this task off your hands.

Because a stagnant campaign is not able to keep up with the market, we optimize and adjust them based on the target’s reaction and evolution. We will help you on the day to day operations to keep your goals in reach and assign part of your budget to testing safely new channels.

Setting up campaign? You can check that off your list.

Self-serve platform

Our plan is to give YOU the power to control the success of your campaigns. We created this all-in-one innovative platform to easily keep track of your multichannel investments. Through this same platform, we introduce you to ways to improve your campaigns and placements, in order to give you the ability to become fully autonomous and confident.

We aim to make your campaigns grow, and in doing so, optimize the attribution and success rate.

Our partners

Brands that want to control more of their advertising spending and results need a partner that can provide the required human experience and modern technology to coordinate all the complex channels that converts a prospect to a long term customer.

All media channels are needed together to perform a successful strategy. Brands are now understanding that they cannot isolate a single channel and run them without a cross-view. Each channel has specific peculiar complexities and secrets but to attract future customers they need to be followed with a global strategy, a common message, and the right frequency in a multi-touch approach.

Bucksense can provide the right partnership to brands that have this view and want to start a process of control.

Specific, Clear, Performing.

We offer our service and technology to Brands in the structure and timing they need. Depending on their existing strategy and experience we can model our offering depending on actual know-how and change it over time.

We provide full visibility of our plan, activity, and costs. All realtime reporting and technologies are the same as Bucksense manages the accounts and the brand becomes more autonomous.

We structure our offering in a way that we can drive growth and save to the brand’s media spend. We will never be seen as a cost.

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