What’s an “Offer?” Don’t you mean campaign?



What’s an “Offer”? Don’t you mean campaign?

No, not really.

Offers are your products or services like mobile apps or websites.

Let’s dive a little deeper and look at 3 examples: Agency, Performance Marketer and Developer.

If you are an Agency, imagine you have a client like Best Cola. Now, Best Cola has many brands under its umbrella like Cola Light and Cola Dark, etc.

Let’s say you’re specifically in charge of the Cola Light and Cola Dark accounts. You will create one Offer for each of those 2 brands (one for Cola Light  and one for Cola Dark). Within each of those Offers (brands) you will create one or several different campaigns that have different targeting criteria attached to it like location, language, mobile device, creatives and media spend.

If you are a Performance Marketer,  let’s imagine that you drive traffic to clients such as a mobile gaming company, Queen.com and a taxi service app, Call A Car.

You will add Queen.com’s game Candy Crunch as an Offer and could set up several campaigns to target specific versions of the game based on mobile devices or to target specific countries or languages, etc. For Call A Car, you would also set the Call A Car App as an Offer and create several different campaigns targeting cities where Call A Car is available such as Mumbai, New York City and Rio, etc. Each campaign will have different creatives and media spends.

You could also be an independent Developer who has your own app and wants to increase installs. You will set up your Offer (your app) and set up a campaign with the criteria needed to drive installs such as target audience, location, etc.

In summary: Offers = “Brand” for the Agency (Cola Light, Cola Dark), “Clients’ products/Apps” for the Performance Marketer (CandyCrunch, Call A Car) and “My Own App” for a Developer.


We love visuals, so we made up this nifty Infographic for you:

What’s an Offer? Don’t you mean campaign?