Top 5 Reasons Why Creative Ads Get Rejected    


Why Ads Get Rejected - Bucksense

Top 5 reasons why creative ads get rejected on Bucksense

Oops, it happened again!

Your creative ad most likely got rejected because it didn’t meet our Advertising Guidelines.  Be sure to review it to see common pitfalls in creative banners. This will save you tons of time for future ad submissions.

Short on time?

We’ve got you covered with our top 5 reasons why creatives get rejected on Bucksense:

  1. Excessive animation on GIFs: Keep your Gif animation 30 seconds or less and it’s smooth sailing!
  2. Ads that are deceptive in nature: Like, “Your operating system is out of date” or ads that simulate buttons or device functionalities, banners imitating Facebook notifications or imitating notifications in general like Android, Windows dialog box, etc.
  3. Auto-download: The banner leads to a landing page and automatically an app starts downloading on the end user’s device. Not cool!
  4. Sexually suggestive content: Adult/ sexy content found on banners or landing pages. Keep it clean, folks!
  5. Lack of information: Banners that don’t have any information about the content of the landing page. For example, it may just say “Download”, “Click Here” or it has an icon without any text. In this case, the more the better.

If none of these reasons apply and think your rejection was made by mistake (oops! only human), we are happy to take another look. Send an email to stating your opinion or question and an Ad Representative will get back to you.

Once you’re armed with the details, please go back to the campaigns section of the Bucksense console and resubmit your new creative.