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Bucksense at Programmatic Day 2019

The coolest programmatic team on the planet is back to its Italian homeland for Programmatic Day.

On April 11th the city of Milan will host the premium event dedicated to Programmatic Advertising in Italy. Programmatic Day aims at providing ad tech companies, publishers, agencies and media companies with a detailed overview of the programmatic ad market, from an in-depth analysis of the programmatic landscape, to the definition of ad tech objectives.

As the most versatile programmatic platform on the market, Bucksense will bring ideas in a refreshingly sharp and disruptive way. From the most basic formats in advertising such as display, native and video, to the most complex as Responsive Ads, Bucksense allows full personalization of the ads based on the consumer’s interactions and insights in real time using this unique format.

We also have new astonishing products in the pipeline! Come discover our Click to Wallet, and bring your brand on passbook or wallet. This way your offer will be handy for the user, just like all his cards.

And that’s not all …We have something tasty for everybody taste!

If you are a publisher looking for a cutting-edge solution to fight your everlasting battles and so optimizing your direct sales, Directopub might be your hero.

🔔Want to schedule some time to meet? Email us at info@bucksense.com and we will be happy to connect you with one of our team members.