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How Directopub and Grindr Partnered to Give Power Back to Publishers


The successful partnership between Bucksense and Grindr gave birth to Directopub, the Whitelabel solution that  enable publishers to monetize untapped revenue with a self-branded self-serve offering, and so serve the entire spectrum of advertisers of all sizes, budgets, and expertise on a global scale.

Within 90 days of launching the service, Grindr saw unprecedented growth as large volumes of advertisers created self-serve accounts and ran direct campaigns. It also eliminated costly revenue shares and saw eCPMs increase by as much as 6 times compared to programmatic channels. The service also improved Grindr’s fill rate, reached advertisers from all over the world, and generated leads for the direct sales team.

Before diving deep into it, let’s take a quick look at the current market situation. DSPs usually have a suite of value-added services that they charge for (e.g. programmatic optimization features, DMP services, 3rd party data sources, managed service). According to GroupM (Source: GroupM, “The State of Digital”, May 3, 2018), on average demand-side platforms and supply-side platforms each take about a 10% cut of the ad spend flowing through their platforms.


So how about increasing direct ad sales volume while cutting out ad tech fees?

Directopub not only will allow you to reach all advertisers directly, reducing costs and time, but also will avoid revenue splits among the ad tech players. Therefore, advertisers can autonomously and efficiently run direct Video, Native & Display campaigns on Mobile and Desktop, while reaching the right audience and inventory and avoiding the complex and costly steps and touchpoints commonly found on other platforms. Besides, this will leave their in-house sales teams free to focus on larger strategic accounts and partnerships.  

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