Smartlinks Now Available on Bucksense



Bucksense is proud to announce the latest time-saving tool, SmartLink.

A SmartLink is a single URL that dynamically redirects users to the optimal place based on predefined targeting rules that include Operating System, Offer Category (the nature of the Offer i.e. Entertainment, Games, Restricted, etc.), Country and Connection Type (Wi-fi and/or specific mobile carrier). You can then track each link’s performance by source of traffic, user device information, and referral metrics in real time.

BEFORE Smartlink: you’d need to create separate tracking links for each platform, set up a different campaign for each landing page/AppStore and each scenario.


AFTER Smartlink : create and track ONE link.


Examples of using SmartLinks to redirect traffic to the appropriate Offer:

  • By Offer Category  – You are generating traffic in the games category, but want to switch the actual game you want to promote (instead of Farmville now you want to go for Farmville 2).
  • By Mobile Carrier – your mobile web offer may not be available on all mobile carriers.
  • By Wi-Fi – You may want to target Wi-Fi users because the App you’re promoting is too big to be downloaded on a mobile carrier connection or because your landing page contains video, among many other reasons.
  • By Operating System – You want to send users to the Apple Store if on iPhone or Google Play if on Android.

How it works (behind the scenes):


Smartlinks on Bucksense

Learn how to set up SmartLinks.