Programmatic Advertising Predictions and Trends for 2016



Bucksense Programmatic Predictions 2016

Programmatic Advertising Predictions and Trends for 2016

It’s safe to say that the word “Programmatic” became more mainstream in 2015. Forbes predicts it will become the “new norm” in 2016 and eMarketer predicts it’s the year automated buying and selling of digital ads is going to double from $10 billion in 2015 to $20 billion and 2017 is projected to be more than $32 billion! Adding to those numbers, programmatic advertising spending is growing 20% year after year.

So, what more is on the horizon for Programmatic in 2016? We scoured the internet to find some trends and predictions, plus a few of our own. Cross-device, viewability and dynamic creatives seem to be a consistent theme.


  1. Real-world attribution may become… well, a reality
  2. Cross-device targeting is important, but so is improving mobile inventory
  3. Frequency management will reduce waste and improve UX
  4. Increased creativity will harness new forms of inventory
  5. We should probably let the machines decide


  1. Ad blocking will still be top-of-mind.
  2. Pre-roll video will start to decline.
  3. High-impact programmatic creative will spread.
  4. Header bidding will streamline.
  5. Brands will be able to buy 100% viewable impressions programmatically.


  1. Cross-Device Will Become A Reality
  2. More Native Ad Formats Will Emerge
  3. One-To-One Marketing Will Broaden
  4. Programmatic Will Become the New Norm
  5. Advertisers Will Achieve Accuracy In Attribution


  1. Viewability – advertisers want to know their ads are being seen, period. Viewability features will be a “must have” offering from ad tech companies.
  2. Better Location Targeting – as users opt out of providing Apps with their location information due to  growing privacy concerns, marketers will realize the importance of having the right tools to get precise location information in a non-intrusive way.
  3. Conquering Ad fraud most likely it’ll never 100% go away, but growing use of  effective fraud prevention tools will decrease its impact  and save mega ad dollars. This year will be the year we take a big bite out of fraud!
  4. Cross-device advertising – every marketer/advertiser should think in terms of multi-device; repeat ad targeting to the same user across home and work computers, smartphones and tablets is quickly becoming the “new normal”.
  5. Post Download Attribution – Marketers will start looking beyond the download and start tracking post download activity of mobile users to determine traffic quality and LTV.
  6. Native Dynamic Ads –  personalizing and optimizing ad creatives content and messaging to drive consumer engagement and CTR will become standard practice for marketers/advertisers.
  7. Video Programmatic will start to become an integral part of brand and advertiser’s content strategy.

And there you have it! A few continuing trends from 2015 bleeding into 2016 and looks like an exciting year ahead for all of us in the Programmatic world.

Did we leave something out? Let us know in the comments section.