Programmatic Advertising or Paid Search? What You Need to Know

Still scratching your head about which strategy you should opt for to achieve your business goals?

Here is a list of several factors you should consider before diving into this choice ⤵️

1. Brand search volume

A Search Advertising Campaign is highly recommended when your brand or products do have a good amount of search volume. People who come across your search ads are already looking for your product, while users usually see display ads because they were targeted after watching a video, reading emails, or browsing the web.

2. Brand awareness

Have you just bootstrapped in business or are you  selling a product or service that people are unaware of? Display ads are the answer. They allow you to target people based on demographic or what keywords are in the content they are reading. Besides, if you know the specific sites your audience spends time on, you can target those as well by bidding on specific sites on the display network.

3. Limited budget

If your budget is limited, search ads are probably the best option to start with. Building your brand with display ads will usually take a much larger budget due to the low conversion rates.

4. Urgent services

Do you consider your business as an “urgent” service? In this case, search ads definitely deliver the best returns. For instance,  dental centres are services that someone is not normally going to jump at and pay for if they are reading the news and happen to see your display ad.

Why combining Programmatic Advertising with Paid Search

Using Programmatic can increase your total SEM traffic and conversions faster than conventional account optimizations. By tapping new audiences, your overall PPC traffic and resulting conversions can grow as a result in both branded and non-branded searches.

With regards to display and the Google Display Network, Programmatic can serve as a huge compliment. GDN only reaches inventory through Google Adsense – and DSPs reach through those other 70+, increasing reach and efficiency significantly. This can increase your total reach significantly. Owing to the huge size of this inventory availability, marketers are not completely reliant on Google inventory to reach their target audience in an efficient way. That is why it is highly recommended to use learnings on the programmatic side to identify placements, websites, and audiences that might resonate well with your GDN audience.

Including Programmatic data in your Paid Search strategy will provide a competitive advantage and improve results. Programmatic is rich in data. Learning the interests, likes, dislikes, geographical location and gender of customers can help determine keyword buying and ad messaging strategies.