Lowdown Series: Ad Fraud


Bucksense Ad Fraud Overview

Lowdown Series: Ad Fraud 

Ad fraud is a blanket term for any and all shady online advertising practices intending to rip advertisers off including, bot traffic, ad viewability, ad stacking, pixel stuffing, ghost sites, etc. IAB considers ad fraud the 3rd biggest issue in digital advertising and it’s estimated advertisers waste over $6 billion a year in fraudulent advertising spend.

Fraudsters have made ad fraud a big business! And it’s become much more sophisticated since the early days of click farms (remember?) especially since the explosion of programmatic advertising in the last few years. With programmatic, fraudsters have figured out new ways of ripping off advertiser’s money, productivity and ROI.

In the next few blog posts we will to break down and simplify some of these ‘new ways’ fraudsters are infiltrating the programmatic scene and how Bucksense combats them:

  1. Ad Viewability: your ad falls below the fold, or otherwise not visible to users, but you pay for it.
  2. Bots: your video ad is getting tons of views, but no ROI. Could be a bot is “watching” your videos rather than an actual human.
  3. Brand Safety: your ad might be for baby clothes and shows up on a gambling site – whoa, scary!

Stay tuned next week for a deeper dive into Bots!