Lowdown Series: Ad Fraud – Brand Safety


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Lowdown Series: Ad Fraud – Brand Safety

5 strategies to ensure the safety of your brand

Your baby clothes ad may be showing up on a gambling site – scary!

With all the pro’s of programmatic efficiency, hyper-targeting, audience insights, etc. comes the challenges – click fraud, viewability, bots and brand safety.

Brand safety is a major concern for advertisers when it comes to protecting the integrity of their brand. Advertisers want transparency when programmatically purchasing ads and assurance that their ads won’t appear on inappropriate websites that can tarnish their reputation.

IAB’s definition of brand safety is “contextual technology aimed at ensuring advertisement does not display on webpages where its appearance might negatively impact the Advertiser’s brand”.  

The question is, how do you keep your ad for baby clothes ad off inappropriate sites?

Here are 5 strategies to ensure the safety of your brand:

  1. Define your brand safety criteria: it’s helpful to define brand requirements and what brand safety actually means to your brand. Running ads on a poker  site might be perfectly fine for some, but objectionable to others.
  2. Maintain lists: create blacklists (domains considered dangerous to your brand) and whitelists (valid domains approved as safe for your brand).
  3. Pre-Bid:  working with Programmatic vendors that have global publisher blacklists and can also work to integrate client specific blacklists into its system.
  4. During the campaign:
    • Working with Programmatic vendors that partner with DMP’s who provide “brand safety scores” for publishers and thus adding an extra layer of safety for your peace of mind.
    • Real-time blocking and filtering of objectionable publishers at the URL level.
    • Use a publisher safety rating service. Some companies provide a service to reduce fraud incidence and rate the brand safety and quality of publishers. Bucksense has partnered with some of these services including Peer39 [by Sizmek]. You will be presented with this option as you setup your campaigns on the platform.
  5. Post-Impression: Analyzing impression and clicks after your campaign ends can generate insights and recommendations for your next campaign.

And there you have it, the lowdown on Brand Safety with a few strategies to keep your brand from showing up in inappropriate places, aka your baby clothes ad off of gambling sites.