Refine your RTB Strategy with Micro Bidding



What is Micro Bidding?

I am glad you asked! Micro Bidding is a time saving feature for those who want to optimize their campaigns and real time bids (RTB) down to the nitty gritty!

Instead of cloning/creating separate campaigns to segregate spend, you can set different bids – within the SAME campaign – for FIVE variables and combinations thereof:

  • Ad Exchange
  • Placement ID
  • OS (Windows, iOS, Android)
  • Device Maker (e.g. Samsung, Apple, Google, Motorola)
  • Device Model (e.g. Galaxy, iPhone 6)

How does it work?

Great question! Bucksense advanced reporting gives you precise information on what variables are performing the best in your campaign. With this information, you can set precise Micro Bidding rules to refine your bids to the combinations of variables that work best for you. Lets use an example to see Micro Bidding in action.

Let’s say you are running a multi-device/OS mobile campaign and know that you can get better CPMs with certain combinations of exchanges/placements/devices. Within this campaign you can leverage this knowledge and optimize your bids by setting up different Micro Bidding rules such as:

Micro Bidding Rule 1: Fixed CPM for inventory on Mopub (Exchange), Android (OS), Samsung (Device Make) and Ace3 (Device Model)..

Micro Bidding Rule 2: Fixed CMP for traffic on (placement), iOS (OS) and iPhone7 (Device Model).

Thats awesome! How do I set up Micro Bidding rules?

I’ve saved the best part for last! Not only does Micro Bidding save your time by letting you set different bids within the same campaign, it also saves you time by setting rules up directly from your performance reports. This means that you can optimize as soon as the information becomes available to you and with just the click of a button. Rules can also be set up, accessed and reviewed from the Campaigns tab of the platform.

To learn more about how to set up Micro Bidding rules check out our wiki page.

Happy Bidding!