How To Set Up Custom Targeting Lists


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How To Set Up Custom Targeting Lists

Welcome to your tutorial on how to set up your first Custom Targeting List. Head over to the console and follow these 10 steps. We’ll have you up and running in no time.

  1. Click on Campaigns > List Management


2. Click on Add List

2 - Add List

3. Fill out your criteria: Advertiser, List Name, Select List Type (Device ID, IP, URL, etc.) For this example, we are creating a list for Device ID (Android). Get the details on each of these parameters here.

3 - Fill out List Info

4. You have the choice to either upload your list as a file or manually type your list into the text area using the slide bar.

4 - Upload or Drag file

5. Here, we are adding them in manually. Hit Save and you’re in business.

5- Adding Manually

6. Success, you’ve created your first list!

6 - Successfully Created List

7. Now, that that’s set, head over to Campaign Management and click into the campaign that you’d like to use this Device ID to be associated with:

7- Campaign Management

8. Click on Custom Targeting tab > and choose Device ID under List Type:

8 - Choose List

9. Under “Lists in Device ID (Android)” choose which list you’d like to add. This is where you INCLUDE (target/whitelist) list or an EXCLUDE list (blacklist).

9 - Select Device ID for selected list

10. It’s added to your “Selected List”

10 - Selected Lists

VOILA! You’re ready to go!

As usual, you can contact your account manager for any questions on this new feature. And if you feel ready now, by all means, just log on to the console and check it out for yourself!