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Bucksense at Programmatic Day 2019

The coolest programmatic team on the planet is back to its Italian homeland for Programmatic Day.

On April 11th the city of Milan will host the premium event dedicated to Programmatic Advertising in Italy. Programmatic Day aims at providing ad tech companies, publishers, agencies and media companies with a detailed overview of the programmatic ad market, from an in-depth analysis of the programmatic landscape, to the definition of ad tech objectives.

As the most versatile programmatic platform on the market, Bucksense will bring ideas in a refreshingly sharp and disruptive way. From the most basic formats in advertising such as display, native and video, to the most complex as Responsive Ads, Bucksense allows full personalization of the ads based on the consumer’s interactions and insights in real time using this unique format.

We also have new astonishing products in the pipeline! Come discover our Click to Wallet, and bring your brand on passbook or wallet. This way your offer will be handy for the user, just like all his cards.

And that’s not all …We have something tasty for everybody taste!

If you are a publisher looking for a cutting-edge solution to fight your everlasting battles and so optimizing your direct sales, Directopub might be your hero.

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Digiday Publishing Summit Is Calling

Bucksense is growing faster than ever, managing to move its first steps in the publishing world. In less than a year, we were able to build a thought-provoking technology addressed to all of the publishers, which was conceived with the purpose of monetizing untapped revenue with a self-branded self-serve offering in order to reach advertisers of all sizes, budgets, skill levels, and geographical location.

After the successful presentation of Directopub at Digiday Publishing Summit Europe, Bucksense is on the move again! On 27-29 March, the coolest ad tech team on the planet is attending Digiday Publishing Summit in Vail CO (USA).

And that’s not all! On March  28th, our CEO Cristian Carnevale will hold an interesting presentation about Directopub, Bucksense’s cutting-edge SaaS solution addressed to all publishers. Cristian and his team started wondering why ordinary people and business owners didn’t have access to programmatic advertising. Therefore, driven by the desire to make it possible, they rolled up their sleeves and built an extraordinary publisher-direct advertising solution.

Want to know more? Take a look at the case study here below ⤵️

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Bucksense presents Directopub at Digiday’s Publishing Summit Europe

You spotted the Bucksense’s CEO on Digiday’s Publishing Summit Europe website, didn’t you?  

We are extremely elated to announce that we are among the partners of Digiday’s Publishing Summit Europe in Milan, the largest event dedicated to how media owners across Europe are building products to monetize audiences, sifting through data and incorporating insights.

On 5-7 March, Bucksense’s team of experts will showcase Directopub, a trailblazing SaaS solution for publishers. And that’s not all! On 6th March, our CEO Cristian Carnevale will hold an interesting session on how Directopub was conceived, showing the impressive results that were achieved within 90 days of launching the service. Did you take note of it? Now it’s time to have a quick insight into how Directopub can help your business. 

Sneak peek  

The successful partnership between Bucksense and Grindr gave birth to Directopub, the Whitelabel solution that  enable publishers to monetize untapped revenue with a self-branded self-serve offering, and so serve the entire spectrum of advertisers of all sizes, budgets, and expertise on a global scale.

Want to know more? Take a look at the case study here below ⤵️

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Don’t Miss Out: Meet Bucksense at Mobile World Congress 2019

Mobile World Congress 2019 is right under our noses!  

On 25-28 February, the coolest programmatic team will work its magic at Barcelona Mobile World Congress 2019, the largest mobile event in the world.

MWC19 will bring together the latest innovations and leading-edge technology from more than 2,400 leading companies.

In the Mobile programmatic era,  we are seeing advertisers leaning more towards ad formats and marketing strategies that provide a more personalized feel for customers. The days of bombarding customers with ads are gone. Advertisers are now more focused on protecting brands by taking more control over the placement of their ads and providing a relevant and quality experience for their customer base. 

🔔 If you are a mobile programmatic lover, or you just do some dabbling here, join us at MWC19 for a fast-paced deep dive into this thrilling world! 

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Bucksense at Madrid Mobile Summit 2018


Hey fellows!

November is just around the corner, and we already soaking up the spooky Halloween atmosphere.  

Surrounded by gloomy pumpkins, we are counting down the days to meet you at Madrid Mobile Summit 2018, the ultimate event for everyone in the apps/games/ad tech ecosystem. It will be so oh-good to be home!

The Bucksense team is dying to see you there and discuss about the great potential of Geo targeting. If you need to ensure that your ad campaigns reach the right audience in the right place or the right moment, Geo targeting gives you more control over who gets to see your ads.  

Running geo-targeted campaigns in Bucksense is a piece of cake: all you need to do is creating Geo Lists and associate them to your campaigns. Moreover, Geo Lists allow you to blacklist all Geo locations that are not relevant to your audience.

Although Geo targeting is getting popular among advertisers, there are still a few misconceptions revolving around it. What about dispelling all these doubts together? So let’s meet on November 13th at MEEU in Madrid.

Send us an email at,  and we will connect you to a member of our team. 

🎃 Oh, we almost forgot … Happy Halloween y’all!! 🎃 

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Bucksense Returns from DMEXCO 2018


The curtain falls on DMEXCO 2018!

We had a whale of time in Cologne, meeting our clients and dearest partners, and sharing our vision on the ad tech world. The motto this year was Take C.A.R.E. standing for CuriosityActionResponsibility and Experience. The aim was to arouse curiosity, raise awareness for change and appeal for industry responsibility given the current consumer uncertainty.

We had truly appreciated the key themes revolving around DMEXCO 2018: voice tech, GDPR and machine learning dominated the German event this year.

DMEXCO, which gathers more than 40,000 people every year, represents the meeting point for brands, marketers and agencies, as well as digital businesses and tech pioneers, who intend to keep on struggling to help the industry build new technological standards, insisting upon shared goals and bringing their technology to turn the digital marketing into a transparent world addressed to protect the consumers’ privacy.

However, it did feel different this year: forget about the ‘melting pot’ which usually characterizes the Europe’s biggest annual digital marketing conference, DMEXCO 2018 was more local than ever.

Another peculiarity was the distinct lack of brands and agencies. As ISBA’s director of media, Steve Chester, said, DMEXCO has not been seen as being directly relevant to brands in the past. However, as relationships with ad tech businesses keep on evolving, brands will seek to create direct relationship with ad tech suppliers, with the purpose to gain more transparency and control of their media supply chain.

And that’s all, dear marketers! We want to extend a massive thank you to all who stopped by to personally meet with us!

We are dying to see you next year at DMEXCO!

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DMEXCO 2018 Is Calling! Let’s Have a Blast Together!


DMEXCO is right under our noses!

On 12-13 September, the coolest programmatic team will land in Cologne to take part in DMEXCO 2018, the cherry on top of all the European digital marketing events.

The engine of the digital economy is the technology used to deliver finished digital services to businesses and consumers. Connected devices, broadband infrastructure, cloud software, internet-based services, the societal benefits that this technology delivers are endless. Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible that anyone involved in the making or consumption of marketing is totally happy with it.

However, Bucksense intends to keep on struggling to help the industry build new technological standards, insisting upon shared goals and bringing our technology  to turn the digital marketing into a transparent world addressed to protect the consumers’ privacy.

Let’s meet and make it possible!

Send us an email at,  and we will connect you to a member of our team.

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Meet the Bucksense Team at Cannes Lions 2018


Team Bucksense is on the move again!

From June 18th to 22th we will be attending Cannes Lions 2018, the world’s biggest festival and awards for the creative and marketing communications, entertainment, design and tech industries.

We look forward to connecting with you all and taking a deeper dive into how Bucksense can improve your ROI!

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Meet Bucksense at Programmatic Pioneers Summit 2018


The countdown is finally over! Team Bucksense has just landed in London for Programmatic Pioneers Summit 2018!

We are thrilled to announce that tomorrow our CEO Cristian Carnevale will mediate a panel discussion revolving around the “brand safety” hot topic.

Since programmatic fraud and malicious behaviour have significantly increased, Bucksense has adopted a cutting-edge in-house prevention system. Every day we test our tools against different types of ad fraud (e.g. ad stacking, malware traffic, quality spoofing, false impression enrichment) and they are turning out to be efficient. Every time we bid, serve the impression, track the click, and eventually follow the user to the conversion path, we are able to collect user data. Collecting all the user data on each point and connecting all the action points in one unique funnel is the base of this verification process. The data is often used to track conversions but it is rarely used to verify if the traffic is legit. Cross-referring all these points often shows a good double digit presence of fraud activity.

Bucksense fully automates the impression analysis and vetting to provide a valid service. Placements quality and consistency over the entire customer funnel are constantly checked from our system that autonomously take the decision to block a placement if something looks wrong.

With its Self-Serve, Open API, and Whitelabel solutions, our DSP offers marketers control over media buying: from full spend and placement transparency to the most advanced campaign management functions,

Want to know more about all this and more? Join our team of experts at Hilton London Canary Wharf!

See you there!

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Meet Bucksense at Festival of Media Global 2018!


From May 13th to 15th, Team Bucksense will touch down in Rome for the Festival of Media Global 2018.


2018 has already been an exciting year for us and we can’t wait to meet up and discuss some of our newest platform features such as Bulk Upload, Optimization rules etc.

Gaining more information concerning the user, integrating data coming from different sources and delivering a custom-tailored experience will constitute the beginning of a new era of programmatic, where data mixes with creativity.

Bucksense celebrates this new “Golden era” by rolling out the so-called Responsive Ads. Instead of aiming at gaining more clicks, Responsive use the power of Rich Media to allow users to interact with the ads and the audiences of the campaigns. Ads do not have one unique goal but there is a series of infinite paths that users can take to pick a product, change preferences, set reminders etc.

Bucksense’s Responsive campaigns stand out for focusing on targeting the right customers at the right time, thanks to the combination of in-ad user interactions and our programmatic optimization algorithm, providing advertisers with more informative and accurate audience insight data.

These recently conceived ad formats mainly focus on enhancing transparency, viewability and brand safety, due to the upcoming GDPR release. They let users decide how long their data will be stored in our database, totally complying with the right to be forgotten. Besides, they are fully customizable according to the customers’ business needs.

Curious to know how you can offer your clients a transparent and customised experience at the same time? Join us at Rome Cavalieri on 13-15 May and let’s discover it together! We look forward to connecting and seeing how we can exceed your programmatic marketing needs!

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