3 New Agile Campaign Features on Bucksense



3 New Agile Campaign Features on Bucksense

At Bucksense we are listening and strive to deliver on your agile marketing needs. Today, we’re pleased to announce 3 time-saving features just released on the Bucksense console:

  1. Optimized Campaign Cloning
  2. Quick List Generation from Reports
  3. Reports Campaign Preview.

Optimized Campaign Cloning

Clone your optimized campaigns in seconds!  Optimized cloning takes what the Bucksense algorithm has learned from the already optimized campaign (bids, exclusions, etc.) and applies it to your new campaign.  Using this feature helps you generate more volume, drive more traffic and run A/B tests quicker. 


Quick List Generation from Reports section

We’ve created a shortcut to quickly create and export Lists for Custom Targeting Reports section. In Campaign Reports, use this feature to quickly identify rows (App bundle, Site Domain and/or Placement ID) that are meeting your goals and put them on a List. You’ll want to use these Lists to whitelist or blacklist these Custom Targets for your campaigns. By using this new feature you’ll target better performing placements and drive better results faster. Learn how to use this feature here.

Quick list generation from reports

Acquisition Campaign Preview

Get a bird’s eye view of all the elements within your Acquisition Campaign reports section. Under the ‘Dimensions’ column, simply scroll over each row and you’ll see this pop-up, which saves you a few clicks!

acquisition campaign overview