Redefining digital success

As your brand partner, Bucksense helps you bring your digital marketing in-house and regain control over your plan, activity, budget and data.

We work together with brands to reach their goals by combining programmatic, native advertising, social display, content marketing, SEO and SEM in a unique proposition.

In other words: expertise, creativity, analysis, transparency and cutting-edge technology come together to create and develop successful, multichannel strategies for your brand.


One brand, one partner

Brands usually rely on one or more agencies to tackle all of their digital media needs and end up losing data, knowledge, control and sight of the global picture. That can be easily solved by centralizing the whole multichannel strategy in the right partner.

At Bucksense, we believe that it’s time for brands to get back their rightful place: at the center of the strategy, back in control.

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Multichannel for the win

Knowing your audience means knowing their behavior, needs and habits. That they live, like, comment, consume and interact across different channels and platforms. Be present when and where your audience is. Make sure your message stays when your banner is gone. Go multichannel.

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One journey, one strategy

Brands know it: their customers are complex and so is their journey.

It’s not about communicating anymore. It’s about reaching your audience, bonding with them and creating a great, holistic experience across channels, time and devices.

The journey is long and the only way for brands to never lose sight of the full path is to keep full control of each and every step.

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Time to regain control

Bucksense allows you to easily manage your campaign, while monitoring data and keeping control on spending.

    All on one platform:

  • Real-time dashboard: all your campaigns at a glance.
  • Detailed reports: granular control of your spending.
  • Multichannel DSP: search, social & display ads.


Your goals are ours too

You define the objectives, we help you reach them. Strategy, implementation, monitoring and optimization, all on one platform.

Creative strategy & ongoing design

All our ads are designed to match your audience’s preferences while organically adapting to channel and campaign specifics.

Whether we are talking about display, social or video ads, creatives are constantly optimized to prevent ad fatigue and run at peak performance.

Get users to explore your story and take action without ever leaving the responsive ad unit. Start generating leads with our exclusive creative panels while reducing drop offs.

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Media strategy

The look & feel of your ad is as important as its placement. That’s why Bucksense helps you find the right channel to connect with your audience.

Limiting your strategy to one channel is as risky as focusing on a single client. Reaching a complex audience, diversifying and scaling means going multichannel.

In other words: get the most out of your budget. Multiply your channels to multiply your chances.


Campaign management

Whether you prefer us to set up your campaigns or decide to do it yourself, it will be a breeze!

Campaign set-up, multichannel optimization, and real-time reports. All on a cutting-edge platform. Easy, quick and accurate.

We help you optimize campaigns and budget across several channels to reach your goals.


Self-serve platform and Marketing Analytics

Bucksense gives you full control of budget, campaigns and data across all channels, while offering total support to reach your goals.

Our powerful algorithm is the result of our extensive marketing expertise, advanced mathematics and outstanding tech capabilities.

Optimizing towards success has never been so easy.

Content marketing

Content marketing is constantly present across the customer journey, over different channels. From your social media to your website or your newsletter, all is content.

Having a content marketing strategy will not only allow you to develop a closer relationship with your clients, but it will also give you the opportunity to share your brand’s values and vision.

Get to know your audience by letting them know you first.

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Even though SEO & SEM are two key aspects of every digital marketing strategy, sometimes they are overlooked.

SEO will not only help position your website, but it will also improve the overall visibility of your brand and reinforce your content marketing strategy.

Coordinating your SEO and your SEM efforts is key to strengthening your brand territory in a virtual environment. Also, keep in mind that SEM will be a powerful bridge between your content and your performance strategy.

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