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User acquisition and engagement

•  Created by marketers for marketers

•  Target/retarget 1.8+ billion users daily

•  Optimization and smart budget controls

•  Free attribution tracking from any source

•  Fraud prevention tools

Acquire New Customers


  • Get RTB access on major Ad Exchanges
  • Optimize and manage with our tools
  • Control your budget in real time

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Track and Analyze


  • Analyze usage and/or campaign metrics
  • Customize your reports and variables
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Works on all popular platforms


  • Segment and create groups
  • Reach users with the right media (push, in-app, etc.)
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Works on all popular platforms

More of the right customers

With our traffic and tools you can meet your performance goals.


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We have the tools that make it easy to learn from your users and establish a relationship with them.

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About Us

Bucksense enables developers and advertisers to increase their profits.

After 10 years in mobile and online, the marketing experts behind Bucksense agreed that the existing different platforms are inadequate and cumbersome to manage. They came together and built the ultimate performance marketing solution that provides advertisers and developers the tools they actually need and use.

Bucksense is the only platform that offers marketers control and streamlines their workflow over the different user stages — from acquisition and tracking to deep App engagement.

The end result: a system focused on increased performance and ROI.

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Worldwide Offices

With 6 local offices and more coming,
you will never feel far from us.

Bucksense Worldwide Locations
80 Pine Street 29th fl
New York, NY 10005

Paseo de la Castellana, 180
28046 Madrid Espana

Paseo de la Reforma 115
Esquina con Periférico Col.
Lomas de Chapultepec
Via della Valle dei Fontanili, 40
00127 Roma Italia

Rua General Argolo, 33
São Cristóvão

504, 5th Floor, The Avenue
Int'l Airport Road, Andheri (E)
Mumbai 400059