Your all-in-one performance marketing solution for all your advertising needs

User-friendly performance marketing solution built to provide marketers and advertising agencies with accurate and reliable tools to control and monitor all their online advertising campaigns. Our centralized marketing solution helps business to design, implement, track and analyze their advertising campaigns to improve performance and optimize their spend across all digital and mobile channels.

Track and report all your campaigns with the most complete Performance marketing tracking solution in the marketplace

BucksTrack, one for all...

  • Buckstrack is all-in-one performance marketing tracking solution to measure and report all your advertising efforts.
  • User-friendly interface and intuitive and customized dashboards to provide immediate access to relevant data.
  • Mobile and web advertising tracking and analysis tools are fully integrated.
  • Built to handle big data

  • Robust marketing tracking solution that allows handling an extremely high volume of data.
  • Customizable reporting editable by categories or metrics such as clicks, conversions, app installs, publishers, etc.
  • Support third-party pixels and include server-to-server tracking systems to deliver more accurate data.
  • Easy management

  • Intuitive management that makes easy to control all your advertising campaigns.
  • Single SDK integration to all major ad-networks to ease the management of multiple marketing campaigns.
  • Multiple landing pages testing through our URL Rotator to see what message works better for a specific campaign.
  • Built for all

  • Designed to suit the requirements that advertisers, agencies and brands need from a performance marketing tracking solution.
  • All major Operating Systems supported (iOS, Android, Windows)to ensure that reliable information is delivered.
  • Compatible with most of mobile devices (including Iphone and Ipad) to offer a wide access to your web or mobile campaigns.
  • One single Media Buying Platform connected to all leading AdExchanges & AdNetworks

    • Access to display, social, video and mobile channels to manage all your campaigns.
    • Intuitive management that gives you total control of your campaigns.
    • Real time traffic availability to help you to target the right audience.
    • Connected to all major ad networks to ensure you achieve your reach and frequency goals.

    Our media buying platform combines advanced technology with simplicity to provide you with an easy access to the most important ad exchanges:

    appnexus double click facebook exchange microsoft google open x real media

    BucksEngage was built as a comprehensive Demand Side Platform (DSP) to suit the needs of all types of media buyers: agencies, aggregators and brands. Because our system reaches 98% of the sites on the internet, you can be sure to target the right customers regardless of where they spend their time online.

    Powerful Push Notification Solution to keep your mobile app users engaged

    • Flexible platform to send easily push notifications to your app users.

    • Complete campaigns customization through our REST API.

    • Audience segmentation tools to target effectively your app users based on different criteria.

    • Scheduled notification delivery to impact your customers when or where the message is best suited for them.

    • All major Operating System supported: iOS, Android and Windows.

    BucksPush allows agencies, developers and brands to create mobile notification campaigns to deliver valuable messages for their customers at the right time and place. Our Push Notification Platform has been built to help you to improve customer experience and brand engagement, and boost mobile purchases with nearly real-time personalized messages.

    Marketing and Design Services to bring together all the elements your campaigns need to succeed


      Strategic marketing planning and evaluation

      Creative design with business savvy

      Our marketing full-capabilities include:

    • Online and mobile media planning
    • Online and mobile media buying
    • Campaign optimization
    • Analytical reporting
    • User flow analysis
    • We bring the expertise of our marketing team to our clients for strategy, media planning and buying, and results evaluation. As an extension of your own marketing department we provide you with the know-how and the external resources that you need to achieve your campaigns goals.

      Our design and development services comprise:

    • Banners
    • Landing pages
    • Websites
    • Flash games
    • Apps
    • Our creative team is set up to generate smart ideas for your digital needs and make them come to life according to the leading edge-technology. Focusing always on functionality and results, we integrate the latest trends in design to deliver messages that delight and engage customers.

    About Us

    BuckSense is a performance-based interactive agency focused on working closely with Internet publishers, developers and advertisers to help them increase their earnings and profits. Created in 2012, BuckSense is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Rome-based Acotel Group, and it has played a central role promoting Acotel Interactive’s Digital Entertainment offerings for brands such as Flycell or Yabox.

    Founded in 1980, Acotel Group has become a leading organization that provides wireless services, network infrastructure, security and media software for millions of companies and individual customers in more than 30 countries all over the world. Acotel Group is publicly traded in Milan, Italy.

    Confident in our proved experience in online and mobile performance marketing and software development, we have built a robust and intuitive all-in-one performance marketing solution to provide marketers with an extremely reliable tool for all their needs.

    BuckSense is committed to deliver, with complete dedication, accurate and state-of-art technology solutions for our clients and partners. Our mission is to deepen connections between our customers and their prospects to help them to achieve the business objectives.

    • Javier Barragán

      General Manager

    • Cecilia Garrido

      Creative Manager

    • Miguel Valente

      Team Leader · Web Media Buying

    • Sophie Moniez

      Mobile Media Buyer

    • Alexander Birchler

      Flash Developer

    • Miren San Millán

      Interactive Designer

    • Mohamed Eshra

      QA & Arabic Support

    • Esther de Frutos

      Marketing Support

    • Magnolia Medina

      Web Media Buyer

    • Marina Zamora

      Interactive Designer

    • Alicia Muñoz

      Web Media Buyer

    • Rosa López

      Interactive Designer

    • Sara Barragán

      Mobile Media Buyer

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