Smartlinks Now Available on Bucksense



Bucksense is proud to announce the latest time-saving tool, SmartLink.

A SmartLink is a single URL that dynamically redirects users to the optimal place based on predefined targeting rules that include Operating System, Offer Category (the nature of the Offer i.e. Entertainment, Games, Restricted, etc.), Country and Connection Type (Wi-fi and/or specific mobile carrier). You can then track each link’s performance by source of traffic, user device information, and referral metrics in real time.

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3 New Agile Campaign Features on Bucksense



3 New Agile Campaign Features on Bucksense

At Bucksense we are listening and strive to deliver on your agile marketing needs. Today, we’re pleased to announce 3 time-saving features just released on the Bucksense console:

  1. Optimized Campaign Cloning
  2. Quick List Generation from Reports
  3. Reports Campaign Preview.

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DoubleClick by Google now live on Bucksense



DoubleClick by Google is now live on Bucksense

We’re excited to announce DoubleClick by Google is now part of the Bucksense Ad Exchange offering.  With DoubleClick’s real-time global marketplace, it gives you even more access to:

  • premium quality mobile web, app and desktop inventory from the world’s top publishers.
  • available in native mobile and desktop ad formats.
  • massive audiences to run global or locally targeted campaigns.

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OperaMedia, Mobfox and Console Updates



Bucksense News: New Ad Exchange Partners, OperaMedia, Mobfox & Console Updates

We’ve been working hard to make the Bucksense offerings even more robust than ever before. In the last few days, we’ve integrated with 2 more ad exchange partners, Opera Mediaworks and Mobfox with more coming soon. This means even more access to massive audiences and access to Premium Apps and Publishers.

operamediaworkslogo       9.mobfox-cropped

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Top 5 Reasons Why Creative Ads Get Rejected    


Why Ads Get Rejected - Bucksense

Top 5 reasons why creative ads get rejected on Bucksense

Oops, it happened again!

Your creative ad most likely got rejected because it didn’t meet our Advertising Guidelines.  Be sure to review it to see common pitfalls in creative banners. This will save you tons of time for future ad submissions.

Short on time?

We’ve got you covered with our top 5 reasons why creatives get rejected on Bucksense:

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Platform Zoom In Series: Custom Targeting


Buckesense ZoomInSeries-01

Platform Zoom In Series: Custom Targeting

The purpose of the Zoom In Series is to literally zoom in on different features the Bucksense platform offers within the console that will help you get laser sharp results in your marketing campaigns.

With hyper-retargeting and brand safety being a high priority on most marketers minds today, we are pleased to announce the release of our Custom Targeting tool. This feature gives you the freedom to create ultra-specific lists to selectively target (whitelist) certain devices and ad placements for your campaigns or to block (blacklist) them.

You can create lists of App Bundles, Device IDs, IP Addresses, Placement ID/Name and Site URL’s that you want to INCLUDE or EXCLUDE on your campaigns.

The unique thing about our Custom Targeting > Lists is that you only need to create your list once and can use it from then on for any of your other campaigns. Hallelujah!

Here’s a briefing on each type:

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Bucksense “Console on the Go” App Now Available



Bucksense “Console on the Go” App Now Available

Freedom from your desktop

Great news, Bucksense clients! You can check your campaign performance on the Bucksense “console on the go’ mobile app available on Google Play and iTunes. Now your ad dollars are never far from sight.

The mobile app makes it convenient and easy for you to:

  • Track and compare performance on all your offers and campaigns
  • Activate and pause campaigns
  • Get real-time reporting for bids, conversions, impressions, clicks and spend

Bucksense 'Console on the go' mobile app

All this, literally from the palm of your hand!

Find it here:

Bucksense on iTunes

Bucksense on Google Play


Lowdown Series: Ad Fraud – Bots


Bucksense Ad Fraud Bots Header

Lowdown Series: Ad Fraud – Bots

Your ads are getting lots of impressions, but no conversions. Could it be a bot is clicking on your ad rather than an actual human?

Beware, bots are everywhere! And they may be ripping your ad dollars off right now.

With the fast-paced rise of programmatic advertising and all the benefits it brings to advertisers, also comes a tidal wave of bot fraud. That’s right, non-human traffic consuming your display and video ads.

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Native Ad Units Now Available on Bucksense Console


Native Ad Units Now Available on Bucksense Console

Bucksense’s Native Ads feature is out of beta and available for your campaigns on the Bucksense console.

Native Ads are content-based, integrated within editorial feeds (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc) and are designed to be more engaging to users and target your audience on every single impression.

Native Ad units now available:
NewsFeed, App/Content Wall, Content Stream and Chat List

bucksense native-ads

Bucksense customers can see Native Ads in action here.

Not a Bucksense customer yet? Request an account here.